For the “Prosperity” of Sushis.
Providing assistance using our record of experience for 5,000 restaurants in 35 years.

Company History

1971 February Establishment of Kitanihon-Kakoh Co., Ltd.
1974 April Production and sales of the patented practical model of the “Sushi Conveyor with an Automatic Tea Serving Machine” and the “Automatic Dishwasher”.
1980 September First export of the Sushi Conveyor to Honolulu.
1981 October Construction of the new factory in Mattou, Ishikawa (presently Hakusan).
1984 June Establishment of the Tokyo Sales Office
1996 April Sale of the “Sushi Conveyor with Clear Roof”.
2000 March Sale of the Chainless Conveyor.
2001 April Sale of the Time Management System.
November Obtained ISO9001.
2003 June Registration of NSF Certification for Sushi Conveyor.
July Obtained ISO9001, 2000 version.
2007 May Sale of the “Product Control System”
2008 May Sale of the “M-08 Type Conveyor”
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