We, Kitanihon Kakoh Co., Ltd. Japanese company,
we’ve been supplying Sushi-serving products to the market for more than 40 years.
Prime products are Sushi-Rotation Conveyors and along with other products,
we had marked our deliveries to more than 6,000 Sushi-Restaurant clients all over the world.
On top of prime Japan market, with more than 60% share,
this includes such countries as UK, France, US, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and such,
where eating Japan-style Sushi has already become pretty popular for the past two (2) decades.

Kitanihon Kakoh can offer “More efficient management” with our Conveyors with Express Lanes,
”More labor-saving washing dishes” with our Dish Washers,
“Vitally-fresh Sushi serving” with Freshness Control.