We are “thriving”, with a record of 5,000 restaurants.
Using our 35 years of experience in Sushis, we provide complete assistance in restaurant establishment, product manufacture and management.
We provide total support, from planning to the after-service, creating the ideal enviroment of the “Sushi Conveyor”.

Kitanihon-Kakoh handles over 5,000 shops nationally and internationally.
With this record, we have accumulated a wide range of know-how. We can confidently lead restaurant owners to “success”.

Planning Proposals

Our sales staff is keenly aware of the latest information and trends in our modern society and is eager to assist customers in various ways, such as sales promotion and operation plans, etc. We constantly work towards technical innovations and are ready to support you in every way to make your dreams come true.

Restaurant Planning

Share with us your idea of the restaurant, and leave the rest to us. We offer many examples of thorough restaurant planning for every nook and corner, and provide technical assistance. We are confident that we can make your dream plans come true.

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Restaurant Opening Flow Inquiry Explanation Property Selection Layout Planning/Revisions Form/ Specification Selection Estimation Contract Equipment Delivery Handing Over Opening Follow-up Support

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