Progress of Kitanihon-Kakoh under the motto “Succession and Revolution of Skills”

Privacy Policy

♦ Collection and Utilization of Personal Information

Regarding collected information, Kitanihon-Kakoh Co., Ltd. (hereafter “our company”) handles such personal information for a specific objective in compliance with the law and other standards, and takes the appropriate measures, such as notification, announcement, obtaining of consent, etc. to/from the individual.
In addition, personal information shall be used solely within the limits of the objective for which it has been received.

♦ Management and Protection of Personal Information

Our company shall take the necessary preventative and corrective measures to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, change, and leaking of all obtained personal information. In addition, such data shall not be provided to a third party, without the consent of the person involved, except when required by law or other standard.

♦ Compliance to the Law and Standards

Our company shall be in compliance with the law and standards regarding the protection of personal information, as well as laws and standards related to the application of such protection of personal information.